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Women of Courage: Florence Nightingale

Women of Courage: Florence Nightingale


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They're bold. They're fearless. They're adventurous. They have a faith that can move mountains. They're women of courage.

This series of easy-read biographies celebrates the lives of women who lived lives committed to changing the world for better. What set them apart? The willingness to live courageously for Christ, even in the midst of impossible situations.

In Florence Nightingale, you'll meet “The Lady with the Lamp” who found her calling in the foul, disease-ridden medical camps of the nineteenth century British military. What set Florence Nightingale apart? Her willingness to live courageously for Christ—comforting wounded soldiers, fighting for their rights, and turning the medical world upside down by serving people who needed it most.

Get inspired by her story, celebrate her legacy, and learn that God can use each of us for mighty things. . .if we have courage.

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