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Well Done, Billy Graham

Well Done, Billy Graham


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Billy Graham influenced millions for Christ—perhaps even you or someone you love.

Here, to honor the centennial of his birth, are scores of grateful recollections. Compiled from the website, organized by three of his grandchildren, Well Done, Billy Graham will encourage you with real-life stories of the gospel's power. He had preached the good news of salvation in Jesus before an estimated 215 million people—and to hundreds of millions more by way of radio, television, movies, newspapers, and books. Now, in honor of the one hundredth anniversary of his birth, this book celebrates the legacy of Billy Graham through the personal reminiscences of more than three hundred people whose lives were changed. Whether he was planting spiritual seeds, leading individuals or their loved ones to Jesus, or simply setting a powerful example of Christian living, Billy Graham maintained his humility while accomplishing amazing things. He is a faithful example worth remembering.

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