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The Will of a Man & the Way of a Woman

The Will of a Man & the Way of a Woman


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A man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.
Genesis 2:24 NLT

An invitation to harness the magnetic draw of your differences and blend better with your spouse in life and love.

Where there's a WILL, there's a WAY. . .While a man possesses a unique God-given motivational propensity for exercisinga strong willin life, a woman conversely possesses a unique God-given propensity for discerningthe appropriate wayof life. Through ups and downs, these magnetic tensions have helped husband and wife writing team, Robert and Pamela Crosby, learn tobalance,bend,andblendin their marriage--to appreciate thebalancetheir differences bring, tobendmore appropriately in response to each other, and to move toward a more joyousblendthat can only emerge out of two quite different ways somehow turned into one.

Simply put, where there's a WILL, there's a WAY.

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