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The Kingdom Files

The Kingdom Files


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The Kingdom Files6-in-1 story collectionfeatures the biblically accurate stories of Jesus, Mary (Mother of Jesus), David, Daniel, Esther, and Jonah. Just for your kids ages 8 to 12, this biography collection explores the lives of Bible characters while drawing kids into a unique time and place. With each story featuring three key sections—a Fact File, a Story File, and a Lesson File—kids will enjoying learning about Bible people while coming to understand that ancient Bible stories really do apply to their lives today. Dozens of captivating line art pieces add depth and interest to every chapter.

Stories include:
Who Was Esther?
Was she:
. . .the beautiful queen of Persia?
. . .the woman who hid her Jewish heritage from the king?
. . .the courageous one who risked her life to save her people?

Who Was Daniel?
Was he:
. . .an interpreter of dreams?
. . .a faithful man of God?
. . .a survivor of the lions' den?

Who Was David?
Was he:
. . .a shepherd boy turned king?
. . .a faithful harp player?
. . .a brave giant slayer?

Who Was Jonah?
Was he:
. . .the reluctant prophet who said "no" to God?
. . .the man tossed overboard during a colossal storm?
. . .the one who changed his mind after being swallowed by a big fish?

Who Was Mary, Mother of Jesus?
Was she:
. . .a courageous teenager?
. . .a girl chosen by God to give birthto His Son, Jesus?
. . .the one who said "yes" to God?

Who Is Jesus?
Is He:
. . .the Son of God?
. . .the man who gave sight to the blind, made the lame to walk, and raised people from the dead?
. . .the One who died so that we might live?

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