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The Immigrant Brides Collection

The Immigrant Brides Collection


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Seeking Second Chances
Lofty dreams of a new and better life lured untold thousands to America between 1775 and 1906. Among those “huddled masses yearning to be free” are nine displaced individuals dumped upon American soil and trying to figure out how to pursue happiness, make a home, and secure love. From the four corners of the globe they came, betting their hopes on the American dream. Can they truly find the new life they desire and the freedom to let their hearts soar in love and faith?

Capucine: Home to My Heart by Janet Spaeth
Separated forever—from her mother, from her home, from her Acadia—Capucine Louet cannot forgive the British for tearing her family apart in 1775. Now in New Orleans, she has only one ambition: to get to La Manque, where Acadian immigrants have settled and begun a new life. Can Michel LeBlanc, himself a relocated Acadian, help her, and will she be able to overcome her hatred to accept love—and God?

The Angel of Nuremberg by Irene Brand
Trenton, New Jersey, of 1776 is overrun by Hessian soldiers who were brought to the Colonies to aid the British. Comfort Foster and her family have no choice but to house one of these feared soldiers in their small home. Can their family survive the tension when her brother fights for American freedom and her father doctors sick American soldiers?

Freedom's Cry by Pamela Griffin
In 1777, Sarah Thurston looks forward to Philadelphia's first celebration of Independence Day. To her, the day heralds the end of her five-year term as an indentured servant. When her greedy master threatens to draw out her servitude, cabinetmaker Thomas Gray comes to Sarah's defense. Will he and Sarah ever be free to express their love?

Blessed Land by Nancy J. Farrier
Paloma Rivera hates everything American and is determined to convince her sister to move back to Mexico in 1854. But first she has to find her sister, and no one in the pueblo of Tucson is willing to help her. Can she trust the handsome blacksmith, Antonio Escobar, or is he just toying with her until it is time for her to return home?

Prairie Schoolmarm by JoAnne A. Grote
In 1871, Marin Nilsson, a Swedish immigrant schoolmarm, becomes a student of life and love when Swedish farmer Talif Siverson insists on joining her classes in the sod schoolhouse to improve his English skills. Will he be able to break through the teacher's long-held reserve?

I Take Thee, a Stranger by Kristy Dykes
Widowed and alone in 1885, Corinn McCauley is faced with a desperate decision. Would she be willing to marry a stranger in order to survive in a new country? Trevor Parker is a prosperous farmer in Florida, and he and his two daughters need a woman in their life. But Corrin doesn't realize just how acute their needs are until she accepts this stranger's proposal.

The Golden Cord by Judith Miller
Suey Qui Jin has been sold like livestock and taken across the Pacific Ocean to California in 1885. But mercifully, she had been befriended by an American-born Chinaman who promises to help her. Can a symbolic ribbon from a Bible be the key to getting her out of slavery of body and soul?

Promises Kept by Sally Laity
With the death of her fiancé in 1905, all of Kiera MacPherson's hopes for a wonderful life in the New World have vanished. She takes a position as companion to a wealthy matriarch in order to earn her passage back to Ireland. Her leisurely work allows plenty time for studying an old family Bible, and she asks Devon Hamilton, the master of the mansion, many insightful questions. Will this quest for biblical knowledge upset order in the Hamilton household—and then bless her with two everlasting loves?

The Blessing Basket by Judith Miller
A Chinese orphan, Sing Ho is stranded by the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. Though her fortunes rise and fall, she is eventually overwhelmed when God pours out more blessings than she can handle—two marriage proposals!

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