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The 1-Minute KJV Study Bible (Pewter Blue)

The 1-Minute KJV Study Bible (Pewter Blue)


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Got a minute? Sixty seconds is all you need for better biblical understanding!

This powerful King James Version study Bible highlights nearly 900 important
  • people
  • places
  • events
  • names of God
  • figures of speech
  • ideas
  • and questions
of Scripture, in notes that are easily read and digested in a minute or less.

If you're an everyday Bible student, you'll love the clear, concise, no-nonsense explanations, which appear in the margins of the pages on which particular concepts appear. Each entry is followed by “Learn More” Bible references that provide additional context and insight.

A complete subject index is also provided, making The 1-Minute KJV Study Bible a one-stop resource for interesting, insightful, and inspiring reading.

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