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Stephen M. Miller's Bible Snapshots

Stephen M. Miller's Bible Snapshots


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Here’s an easy, interesting, fun way to get to know your Bible: Read Stephen M. Miller’s Bible Snapshots, a brand-new handbook on the highlights of God’s Word. Well-known for his readable Bible reference (including Who’s Who and Where’s Where in the Bible and The Complete Guide to the Bible, each with more than a quarter million copies sold), Miller offers compelling, easy-to-digest insights on all 66 Bible books plus scores of contemporary life topics in a section entitled ÜWhat the Bible Says About. . .” Other sections—such as ÜHow Did We Get the Bible,” ÜTough Questions Atheists Ask,” and ÜWhat It Takes to Be a Christian” make Bible Snapshots a one-stop library of vital information—and it’s all written in Miller’s breezy and balanced style.

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