Kids' Bible Trivia

Kids' Bible Trivia


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The Bible is anything but trivial. . .
yet trivia quizzes are a great way
to get kids interested in scripture's deeper truths.

Here's a fun and fascinating book offering twenty, six-question quizzes for 6–10-year-olds. Each quiz starts easy, with questions from the most familiar stories, then gets progressively harder.
Inside, you'll find questions on stories like
  • Noah's flood
  • the little tax collector Zacchaeus
  • Jesus and Lazarus
  • the wise men
  • Moses and the Red Sea
  • and dozens of others
How well do you know the Bible? Find out here!

If you get stuck, “Bible Bonuses” provide help. You can
  • “Double Your Chances” by learning two of the wrong answers, or
  • “Look in the Book” with a reference to the answer in God's Word
And each question is accompanied by an intriguing “Did You Know?” that adds to the fun.

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