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Jesus Calling 50 Devotions for Peace

Jesus Calling 50 Devotions for Peace


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Jesus Calling 50 Devotions for Peace.

More than 20 million people have been touched by the Jesus Calling® books by Sarah Young. Experience her words in a new way, focused specifically on the comfort only Jesus can provide. The Jesus Calling topical devotionals feature 50 readings from Jesus Calling with relevant Scripture verses on the topic of Comfort. Life can be noisy. Pressures, tasks and anxieties never cease, and sometimes the peace Jesus promises can seem unreachable. But it’s closer than you think. Jesus Calling 50 Devotions for Peace is written as if Jesus Himself is speaking directly to your heart, saying, “Peace. Be still.”

These Jesus Calling topical devotionals offer a way to focus even more deeply on the major felt needs in your life . . . and in the lives of your friends, family, church, school, and co-workers. With a beautiful, vibrant cover and stunning four-colour photography, this topical devotional is the perfect way to pour into those you love

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