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Imagine... The Giant's Fall

Imagine... The Giant's Fall


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The Fourth Release in anEpic Bible Adventure Series for Kids

The last thing fourth-grader Wren Evans remembers (before the world as she knew it disappeared) is getting off the school bus to discover her house engulfed in flames. What happens next can't be explained as Wren finds herself in a beautiful valley with a shepherd named David—in ancient Israel!Imagine. . .The Giant's Fall is the fourth release in an excitingepic adventureseries for kids ages 8 to 12 written by schoolteacherMatt Koceich. The Imagine series brings the Bible to life for today's kids as they ponder what it would be like to live through a monumental biblical event.

Don't miss Book 1 in the Imagine Series--The Great Flood. . .Book 2--The Ten Plagues. . .or Book 3--The Fall of Jericho!

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