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Everyday Bible Trivia Collection

Everyday Bible Trivia Collection


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Spend your down time productively
with a Bible trivia quiz!

Test your memory and enhance your Bible knowledge with the Everyday Bible Trivia Collection. Each day for an entire year, you'll be quizzed on the fascinating people and places, times and teachings, objects and oddities of the Bible, with questions such as
  • What was Matthew's occupation before he became a disciple of Jesus?
  • What hardworking insect does the writer of Proverbs tell lazy people to learn from?
  • What king burned the scroll of Jeremiah's prophecies?
  • What priest did the apostle Paul call a “whitewashed wall”?
  • What mountain, where Moses received the Ten Commandments, shook as the Lord came down on it?
Perfect for quiz fans of all ages, the Everyday Bible Trivia Collection promises a whole year of fun!

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