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Every Day With Jesus - Carried by Grace

Every Day With Jesus - Carried by Grace


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Every Day With Jesus - Carried by Grace

This one year collection contains six specially selected themes from 'Every Day with Jesus' to encourage you in your Christian walk. Inside are 365 undated daily readings and prayers written by Selwyhn Hughes, along with suggestions for further study and discussion. Presented in paperback and attractively laid out with a page per day, Carried By Grace is one of a series of pocket devotionals using meditations from Every Day With Jesus. It is an ideal book to travel with or to give to a friend or family member as a gift. The themes included are:

Prepared - Reflecting on the life and ministry of John the Baptist, look at how you can prepare yourself spiritually and be equipped to prepare others to know God.

The Call - Unpack what it means to respond to Jesus' call by looking at the life-changing adventures of the first disciples.

Our True Identity - Be reminded of your true identity in Christ, and read about how we can live our lives in the certainty of who we are in God.

Pursued by Grace - Revisit the story of the prophet Jonah, and see how, despite our flaws and the things we struggle with, God's grace is always pursuing us.

Standing Strong - Explore various 'anchors' or principles that keep us grounded in our faith, in both the successes and the challenges of life.

Bringing Down Giants - Examine some of the biggest 'giants' that can hinder our spiritual walk - such as shame, despair and pride - and discover how God has taught us to overcome them.

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