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Decisions, Decisions Devotions for Kids

Decisions, Decisions Devotions for Kids


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What would you do if. . .
. . .a friend tried to get you to steal something?
. . .you were tempted to cheat on a test?
. . .you saw a new kid at school who looked lonely?

For decades, young readers have enjoyed “choose your own adventure” stories. . .now here's a Christian devotional with a similar twist. Decisions, Decisions Devotional for Kids features 40 fun, choose-an-ending stories that 8–12-year-old readers will relate to, describing everyday experiences and the ways we might respond to them:
  • Should I finish my homework or play video games instead?
  • Wow! I found a wallet with money inside! Do I have to give it back?
  • What does it hurt if I use bad words? Everyone else seems to be saying those things. . .
Each story includes three possible endings for you to select from, plus a final wrap-up page that will help you make solid, Bible-based decisions throughout your life.

Hey, kids—choose your best adventure!

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