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Words of Jesus Box of Blessings

Words of Jesus Box of Blessings


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Be inspired, comforted, enriched, and blessed by the words of Jesus captured in the Words of Jesus Box of Blessings.

The two-toned brown box shows an ancient rustic design marked with bold white letters outlined in gold foil: Words of Jesus for Everyday Living

Within the sturdy box are 50 cards that fit in the palm of your hand - similar in size to those in a playing card deck. One side is printed with the words of Jesus, and the back is left blank so you can add your own notes, prayer request, or messages. The cards cycle through 9 designs that alternate between frames and banners.

You can personalise the cards and pass them out individually to share Jesus's wisdom or give the whole box away. These little cards double as bookmarks, gift tags, or add-ons to letters.

No matter how many times you have read them, the words of Jesus will always have a profound impact, so share the wisdom by giving the Words of Jesus Box of Blessings to your dad for his birthday or a son upon graduation. The Words of Jesus Box of Blessings is a great add-on to a get-well gift and fits perfectly into a Christmas stocking, and when you attach a string, these cards can even decorate your Christmas tree!

  • Two-tone brown box with a tight-fitting lid
  • Full-colour printed cards and box
  • 50 single-sided cards
  • Verse on front only
  • Space on back for note
  • Shrink-wrapped
  • Sturdy box with lid
  • Card size: 3.4" x 2.3" (87 x 58 mm)
  • Box size: 3.8" x 2.7" x 1.1" (97 x 69 x 28 mm)

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