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201 Things to Pray About (girls)

201 Things to Pray About (girls)


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201 Things to Pray Abouthas powerful potentialto help shape and grow a girl's prayer life.

Featuring 201 numbered people, places, and things that a child can pray about (that God also cares about!) alongside page after page of kid-friendly, yet thought-provoking journal prompts, including: Does prayer really change anything? . . .What kinds of things do you pray about most? . . . Do you think God really hears every word you pray? . . . Do you believe God always answers prayer? . . . Has God ever answered your prayers in unexpected ways? . . . This unique journal will not only encourage the girls in your life to really think about their conversations with God, it will also challenge them to be more intentional as they share what's on their heart with the One who hears their every prayer.

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