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1,000 Bible Q&As

1,000 Bible Q&As


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So you think you know the Bible?
Okay, prove it!

The Bible's a big, serious book—but it's also full of fun and fascinating detail lending itself to trivia quizzes. So here's a brand-new collection of 1,000 questions, divided into 100 categories, designed to see just what you remember from God's Word.

Show off your knowledge of. . .
  • All Creatures, Great and Small (animals of the Bible)
  • Days of Creation (the origins account of Genesis 1–2)
  • Getting from Here to There (biblical transportation)
  • Lies and Consequences (the disasters of dishonesty)
  • People to See (beautiful Bible folks)
  • Places to Be (important scripture locales)
  • Z People (names that begin with the alphabet's final letter)
How would you do? You'll find out here!

Some categories are truly trivial, and just for fun—while others share important details about scripture, God, and Christian living. A variety of question types—open-ended, multiple choice, and “true or trick”—will be challenging without overwhelming you with minutiae.

1,000 Bible Q&As is ideal for Sunday schools, small groups, family game nights, or personal reading, for readers from junior high and up.

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