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When the call of God comes to us, we are likely to respond in one of two ways - with delight or with dismay! Few people believe that they are 'so ready' to do what God is calling them to do. The vast majority respond with a "What? Me?!" And they’re in good company. Many of those God called in the Bible were called to do something that would meet with a less than enthusiastic reception, hence their reticence! Moses and Elijah both felt inadequate for the task given to them and argued with God about His wisdom in choosing them! But God faithfully used who they were already and gave them the courage, power, wisdom and the words, to fulfil the plans He had for them, and others. Paul was arguably well equipped for his role as an apostle, but he needed huge wisdom and courage to stay the course and persevere to the end.
If God is calling you to do something that you feel ill equipped for, remember that He always gives us the resources we need to fulfil the task ahead. He does not set us up for failure but challenges us to use what is already inside of us, along with His own power at work in and through us. He has often prepared us in ways we don't immediately see but that become apparent. Whatever the call on your life brings, whether it’s inconvenient, uncomfortable or downright scary, take courage and know that God will provide all the resources you need.

Posted by Marianne Needham-Bennett
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