Devotional Time

In this section we feature a range of Christian gifts that can be used for prayer, meditation and devotional times. Be it cards with Bible verses, promise boxes, daily devotionals, standing crosses, cut out crosses, hand held crosses or wooden figures, these items can be used individually or in groups.

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Wood is particularly tactile and many people find that the olive wood hand held hearts and crosses are a huge comfort, whether they have a Christian faith or not.

If you are wishing to set up a Prayer Room, either at home or somewhere else, you may like to consider the Olive Wood Praying Hands, a hanging or standing cross or the Calvary Road Cross piece; a little notepad where people can write brief notes and take the sheets with them, or a journal where people can record prayers and thoughts inspired by the Holy Spirit. It may be nice to decorate the space with a plaque or two reminding people to 'Be Still and know that I Am God' and to 'Trust In The Lord', and what better than to have some cushions to rest against that also encourage people to pray, and A3 posters to meditate upon and that act as a reminder of God's faithfulness, presence, provision and strength.