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When we’re feeling down, when the 'Woe is me' sentiment is rising up, we tend to turn away from God, choosing to believe that He doesn't care. Why? Because we're listening to the lies of an enemy who seeks only to kill, steal and destroy. Satan tries to destroy our peace, our joy and our hope. He wants to make us forget about the things that we can be grateful and praise God for.
So, at those times, instead of running away from God, we need to decide to run towards Him instead. When we do, God rejoices in our ‘overcoming’. When we turn and ask for His help, He will give it.
Some of the times that I have felt closest to, and most incredibly blessed by God, have been after I've gone to Him even though really it was the last thing I wanted to do. He seems to acknowledge how hard it can be for us to do that sometimes and blesses us as a result. We can turn to Him and cry out in pain, prayer and/or praise, and acknowledge that He is the one that we need. When we declare that 'The journey is too hard for me', He will come and feed us spiritually, giving us the strength to carry on, equipping us for the next stage (1 Kings 19:7). Instead of running away from Him when we fell down, let's run towards Him and understand that He greets us with out-stretched hands, a listening ear, and encircles us with His love.

Posted by Marianne Needham-Bennett
Prayer is the Key
Prayer is the key which unlocks the resources of heaven which are available to us as Children of God....
He makes something beautiful out of us