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Life is full of strange twists and turns and occasionally throws us a curve ball. At those times we have to be reminded to be courageous and to be brave! Sometimes we have to grow up and take a more mature attitude; at other times we have to 'dig in' and stand our ground for what we believe in and for justice. But, whatever we face, we are never alone. At the Transfiguration on the Mount, Moses and Elijah appeared and talked with Jesus, and I am convinced that they came to give Him strength. There were no curve balls for Jesus because He knew exactly what He faced, His own crucifixion, but that couldn't have made the situation any easier to face. The fact that Elijah and Moses met with Him suggest that He had the very human feelings of being afraid, and in total anguish at what He faced. And God did not leave Him alone but sent those who could encourage and strengthen Jesus and reassure Him that 'He can do this'! Likewise for us, God sends friends, family, colleagues who can stand with us and encourage us to be brave. He never leaves us when we face a curve ball. He is right there in the midst of it with words and actions of support and encouragement. We are equipped with His armour to enable us to stand, with His promises and His presence. If you are facing a curve ball today, be brave because God is facing it with you.

Posted by Marianne Needham-Bennett
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