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Blog 16082020 Don’t stay in a place of disappointment

It may be because of Covid-19, exam results or it may be for some other reason, but many of us will face significant disappointment at some stage of our lives. The thing is to not stay in a place of disappointment. Don't wallow or fester in it and don't stay in the ashes of it because it is a destructive place. Disappointment can be so debilitating mentally and emotionally, but at some stage we need to put it behind us and move on. How? We ask Jesus to bring His healing into that place of smashed dreams and expectations, however legitimate they are. And often we learn something in that desert of disappointment about ourselves and others, even about life itself, and the important thing is to recognise and understand what that is. Then, we put it in our back pocket because one day we'll need to use it because God never wastes anything. Then smile! And take the next step forward because our story isn't over yet. It's a choice we have to make for our sake and for God's sake, because if we decide to stay there, we render ourselves unusable to God. God doesn't want to leave us there, but we have to make that decision to keep hoping, keep believing, keep trusting and keep going. Is today the day for you to let go of disappointment, to get up and start moving on? If so, first look up, then get up, brush off the dirt, then take God's outstretched hand and move forward with Him.

Posted by Marianne Needham-Bennett
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