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Blog 12082020

God Chose Us!
When we face difficulties in life as a result of being a Christian, it's tempting to ask ourselves, "Why did I become a Christian?!" But John 15:16 makes it plain that we did not chose God, but He chose us, and that's actually very reassuring! And He not only chose us to be in an amazing relationship with Him, but He also appointed us to bear fruit that will last. We don't understand why we were chosen, after all, would I chose me? Nor do we always appreciate the benefits of being chose, especially if it is a costly decision. But it means that God's hand is on us, He is for us and not against us, and His will for us will unfold in our lives if we stay close to Him. It also means that when trials come, we have somewhere to go and turn to for strength, courage and comfort. It means that we have an immediate family of other believers, a place where we belong, are accepted and part of. It is not a fact to make us proud, but one to take seriously because with it comes the responsibility to reach out and share Jesus with other 'Chosen' people. Obviously, we don't know who they are so we have to reach out to everyone! In that way we fulfill our appointment to bear fruit and God's church grows, for our faith is not just for ourselves but for a hungry and hurting world to share in.

Posted by Marianne Needham-Bennett
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