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Hebrews 12 tells us to throw off everything that hinders and entangles our journey so that we can run life’s race with perseverance. How do we do that? We have to identify the 'weights' that we are carrying and the wrong routes we are taking. Those hindrances will be different for all of us ... from too much time on social media, to egos, to addictions, to incorrect motives, to idols, to baggage from the past. Only when we identify them can we take steps to get rid of them. Then, to 'throw them off', we confess them to God and/or others and repent of them, determining to be rid of them, to change our outlook, perspective and actions. And then what? Fix our eyes upon Jesus and ‘consider Him’, make Him the priority in our lives and care about what He thinks about what we do so that we don't displease Him. That doesn't mean that we care less about others, but that we care for them better out of a desire to please God. Jesus endured the cross for our sake, so that we can become more like Him and have strength to endure the journey and finish it well. So often we fail at a hurdle and fall. That doesn't mean we have failed. It means we have to confess, repent, get back up again and do it right next time! The cloud of witnesses is cheering us on, so be encouraged to persevere and finish well.

Posted by Marianne Needham-Bennett
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