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I've been reading about the Kingdom of God recently, how it's in ‘this age’ and in the ‘Age to come’, and how it relates to God's power and authority, His rule, and to His heavenly realm and also to the earthly realm. It's in Jesus, He brings it near and if Jesus lives in us, it's in us too. The Kingdom of God breaks through in the ‘now’ and results in the many blessings we see in this world, but the best really is yet to be because in the Age to come there is perfection, wholeness and righteousness. When we see those blessings in this world it's rather like a colander(!) and the Kingdom of God is breaking through into this age, streaming through the holes with light, blessing, healing, provision, kindness, joy and love. In many instances we ourselves are the 'holes' where the kingdom breaks through; we are the gateways through which God brings His heavenly Kingdom into this realm. So, we want to make ourselves available to Him, to grasp the power and authority which He has given us and yield it in the name of Jesus so that it has an impact on the situations in which we find ourselves and for the people who inhabit our lives. By ourselves, we can do nothing, but we can do all things in the name of Jesus, when we arise and take hold of that authority and make ourselves available to be a gateway for heaven to move through.

Posted by Marianne Needham-Bennett
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