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This is My body, broken .…

"Remember My son who poured out His life, remember My grace by which you go free, remember My love which flows and holds close, and in the midst of the noise, remember Me."
This particular ‘virus infected’ Good Friday there is a lot of 'noise' around us. Cooped up children, the cries of the bereaved, questions asked, "When is it going to end?" and "What will become of me?" To those questions we have no answers at the moment, but in the midst of the noise, there is a peace given to us too.
Because ultimately, we know what will become of us. On ‘Good Friday’ Jesus went to the cross in our place, died in our place, rose again and set us free. Humanity did not show itself at its best on Good Friday. They broke His body, nailed Him to the cross and pierced life out of Him. All our sin and sickness was poured out on Him, and He took it all to the grave. But Jesus loved us all the way to the cross. He who had been so alive, so full of light, of the spirit, embracing everyone ... everything, even death, loved us to the end. And His last breath was our passport to eternity. Many who are sick from the virus are fighting for breath, and they'll fight hard because life is precious. Let’s remember, this day is a gift; let's give ourselves to it fully, consciously inhabiting every moment, in remembrance of Him.


The Christian Gift Company sells Christian gifts to ensure that the Christian message and narrative is made available to everyone. Each of our gifts, from a Love is patient sterling silver bangle to an individual Christian card or bookmark with a Bible verse on it, is designed to point people to Jesus, and that is what we love to do. Every gift whispers His name.

Posted by Marianne Needham-Bennett
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