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Bringing Our Everything To Jesus
It's good to know that we can bring everything to the feet of Jesus including, and perhaps especially, our imperfections! The woman with the issue of bleeding brought everything that she was to Him when she reached out to touch the hem of his garment. She brought her sickness, her isolation from her family and community, her losses and despair to Him, trusting that He would take them from her and restore her. Jesus does an incredible thing; He absorbs her sickness whilst remaining 'clean', holy and righteous. And in return He gives her healing, family, acceptance and restoration. When we humble ourselves and reach out to give Jesus all that we are, have and have done, He takes the lot and exchanges them for His goodness and righteousness. When we give Him our 'stuff' we receive His ‘stuff’ in return. It’s an extraordinary, undeserved, grace filled exchange. Since we can't keep or hide anything from Him, we should bring Him all that we are in order to keep a short account with Him, and because we can, because He loves us as the 'Beloved'.
And as well as bringing Him all our sins, pain and sorrows, we can also bring Him our Worship. It’s hard to know which He prefers because both are so precious to Him. When we bring either intentionally to Him we're showing that we trust Him, love Him, know that He is Lord and want to be right with Him. So, let's give Him our everything.

Posted by Marianne Needham-Bennett
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