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Keeping The Main Thing The Main Thing
We're all saying it and we'll hear it a lot in the coming months, these are extraordinary times. The unprecedented threat of a currently untreatable virus has us all reeling. So, let's remind ourselves that this is not a surprise to God, it's not unprecedented to Him, He is still on the throne of heaven; Jesus still intercedes for us all moment by moment and God hears our cries and our prayers. God is still the Main Thing, and for us right now the main thing is to keep The Main Thing the main thing. Fears of the future, sickness, stresses and strained relationships may invade our thoughts, our homes, our lives and our peace. BUT God remains the anchor in this particular storm of life and the strong chain between us and God will never break. He is a God who is in control, who heals the sick, provides for His children and answers our prayers. Whatever we are facing today, God remains the same yesterday, today & forever and He does not and will not let us down. We need to keep Him as the focus of our thinking so that we are not destroyed by this affliction. We must fix our eyes on Jesus so that we do not grow weary and lose heart. Let's look out for one another, encourage and support each other practically and in prayer, so that His Light shines brightly in this current darkness.

Posted by Marianne Needham-Bennett
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