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Restoration Is Just A Prayer Away

If we know God, we are in a relationship with Him, and that relationship needs to be protected, perhaps more than any other. We are all human, and God understands the flaws and failings of humanity. He understands that sometimes we find it hard to trust Him, or get angry with Him, because what we see happening in our lives doesn't line up with what we wanted. At those times we can take things into our own hands and/or spiritually ‘sulk’ and draw back and away. By doing so we leave ourselves exposed to the enemy and then, either unintentionally or deliberately, we sin. Then we feel guilty, then we turn away from His presence even more and the intimacy and relationship that we had with Him is broken. We're in good company, Adam and Eve did exactly that.
Yet, in His grace and mercy, God sees everything and says, “Repent, confess your sin, turn back to Me and be restored to Me”. (1 John 1:9) And we can do that at any time, however deeply we have sinned, however far away we are, we can pray to Him and ask for His forgiveness. And just like the Father of the Prodigal son, He welcomes us back into His presence and gives us the strength to stop sinning and the desire to re-establish intimacy with Him. And the same goes for any other relationship that has been broken – restoration is only a prayer away. So be humble, submit and pray a Restorative Prayer.

Posted by Marianne Needham-Bennett
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