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Always The Same Words - "Child, I Love You"
A long time ago I wrote a song called 'Come to the Father' that I used to sing to myself walking around the fields with my dog. The last verse went like this, “Come to the Father, Come hear His gentle voice. No condemnation, only mercy and grace. Sometimes He whispers, sometimes He thunders aloud; always the same words, Child I love you, Child I love you'.
According to his son Leif, Eugene Peterson had only one message that pervaded everything that he said and wrote. And he used to speak that message over his son every night in these words - "God loves you. God is on your side. He is coming after you. He is relentless." How changed we are in the moment that we hear and really understand those words that GOD LOVES US! It is a mind-blowing, life changing truth that reaches into our inner most being and acts like a balm over everything that is going on in there. With those words come peace. Acceptance. Healing. Wholeness. Forgiveness. Hope. Expectation. And the ability to look up from the place where we stand and forward into the future. Words of prayer and praise start coming from our lips as we learn again to trust and hope in God our Father. Maybe slowly at first but gaining momentum as our hearts begin to soften and soar. I hope and pray that today you hear again those words from your heavenly Father - Child I Love You - and that they change you forever.
Love, from Marianne xx

Posted by Marianne Needham-Bennett
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