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Marianne Needham-Bennett

Marianne Needham-Bennett

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Celebrate Yourself!

Never think that you are not necessary or not important. You deserve to be celebrated because you are fearfully and wonderfully made for God's good purpose. ...

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Marianne Needham-Bennett Wednesday 08 July, 2020
views 1

Let Go Of Your Stuff

We can't live our lives well if we are hanging onto old stuff, stuff which holds us back and keeps us down. But what should we do with it?...

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Marianne Needham-Bennett Wednesday 01 July, 2020
views 5

The Spirit Of The Sovereign Lord

The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon me - to bring good news to the poor and to set the captive free. It's on all of us because there are many many ways of bringing Good News to the poor....

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Marianne Needham-Bennett Thursday 25 June, 2020
views 6

Are you ready??

Waiting for the bridegroom to come? Don't go to sleep!...

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Marianne Needham-Bennett Friday 19 June, 2020
views 8

Moving into the next season of life

Moving into the next season of life can be daunting, but don't be afraid to turn the page of the next chapter. God is already there and is or has been preparing you for it....

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Marianne Needham-Bennett Monday 15 June, 2020
views 7
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