The Holy Spirit Power Is For Everyone
The power of the holy Spirit is for everyone
Photograph By: Maxim Tajer

At Pentecost the power of the Holy Spirit fell upon everyone who was present. In Joel 2:28-29 God says, "I will pour out My Spirit on all people". The Holy Spirit and His power are available still to all who seek Him, but they remain an unopened gift unless we receive Him and are prepared to unwrap all that He has for us. John Wimber used to say that "Every Christian gets to play". This was not an irreverent statement but an invitation for everyone to engage in evangelism, mission and social action. As Christians, we carry the Holy Spirit wherever we go, into every situation, but we can turn the 'tap' of His presence and power on or off. We can ask Him to be at work in and though us, or we can stifle and silence Him. Today God still works through His Spirit, through us, to bring about those 'break through' moments when we see His will being done and His kingdom come. By inviting the Holy Spirit into a situation, we turn on the tap of God's power, and ALL His children can do that. We must never think that we’re too 'small' or 'insignificant' for God to use us. It's not our power He's using, it's our availability, willingness and obedience that enables Him to move. Let's be open to God filling us with His Spirit and being vessels through which He works to pour out His Spirit into the lives of those who desperately need Him.

Written By: Marianne Needham-Bennett

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