Safe In Our Fathers Arms
Imagine a little child being chased by a dog.
Photograph By: Priscilla Du Preez

Imagine a little child being chased by a dog. The child is terrified because it knows the dog can hurt them. They run, screaming, right into their father’s arms as he suddenly appears and scoops them up. Now they know they are safe and can face the dog from a different vantage point. All fear leaves them, and they turn and say “Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah” to the dog!

There are many different 'dogs' in our lives, things that scare us and make us run to our Heavenly Father - financial difficulties, a job disappearing, hard decisions to make about elderly, infirm parents and of course, Covid 19 is making many people afraid. So, it's important that we know where our Father is and how to reach Him. But better still, we should remain in His arms at all times, so that when the 'dogs' appear we can view them from a protected position, fearless because we know Whose we are. The Children of God are a protected species with nothing to fear. Nothing touches us that the Father has not allowed, and if He allows it, it's because He can use it for His kingdom and glory. And not only are we protected, we’re also powerful, with the power of the Holy Spirit within us. Let’s be more concerned about keeping the Father close than about the dogs that bite. Then we’ll be able to face the dogs fearlessly and pray powerfully, knowing that God has it in hand.

Written By: Marianne

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