Pushing through the Pruning Stage
Do you feel as though you are being tested in some way at the moment?
Photograph By: Mark Tegethoff

Do you feel as though you are being tested in some way at the moment?

Are things being removed from your life such as a job or a relationship?

Are you walking through some treacle?

If so, the chances are you are being pruned. Why do gardeners prune? They prune to cut back fruitful branches in order to promote new growth and make them more fruitful. Good pruning produces vigorous growth and well balanced specimens! It allows the sun to reach lower branches and improves the shape and the yield. Pruning is painful, but it's also a time of preparation for the next season. That season may or may not be in view yet, but the pruned plant will fare better in it than the unpruned plant.
And let's remember who does the pruning. Jesus said, "I am the Vine, My Father is the Gardener".(See John 15:1-17). God is a careful gardener, and sometimes He disciplines us to strengthen our character and our faith, and always because He wants us to bear more fruit. God sees our potential and will create the right environment for it to be reached. And, we mustn't confuse discipline with punishment. Pruning is different from removing dead branches. It's good to work with God during these times, for 'He who started a good work in you will bring it to completion'. So, in times of pruning, let's stick close to Him and yield to His spiritual secateurs, because without Him we can do nothing.

Written By: Marianne

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