Our Needs And Desires
God promises to meet our needs, does He also provide our desires?
Photograph By: Vlada Karpovich

God is very clear in the Bible that He will provide all of His people’s needs. Be it the day’s food, victory against the enemy, a way across a river, or shelter from the elements, when the Lord is our Shepherd, we lack nothing. He is Jehovah Jirer, our provider. In Christ, we have the fullness of God and He withholds no good thing from those who love Him.

So, what about our desires? Unfortunately, God doesn't promise to provide those too. So many people ache with desire for something, be it a spouse, a child, healing from sickness or in a relationship, a certain role or opportunity. How do we hold that desire in tension with the fact that we have all that we need, the fullness of God in us? The answer is 'Lightly'. God knows the plans He has for us, knows what we need, understands our desires because they are part of our nature. I don’t want to demand something of God because I long for it if it doesn’t match His desires for me. Just as we trust Him to meet our needs, we must also trust Him with our desires, knowing that they might not be met, not because He is an unkind God but because He sees the bigger picture. Let's be secure and content in the fullness that we know in Him and His provision, and hold our desires lightly before Him, knowing that He will answer in the best way.

Written By: Marianne NB

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