Oh Happy Day
Happiness is an inside job and we can choose to be happy!
Photograph By: Sander Weeteling

Many people have a desire to 'just be happy' but what does that mean? Clearly it will mean different things for different people in terms of what it looks like externally and what they believe will bring that happiness. For some it's a new home, for others a job, for others a restored relationship. But happiness is an inside job that can be created irrespective of our outside circumstances. We can decide to be happy inspite of what is going on around us. Paul said that he had learnt to be content in all circumstances (Phil 4:11), and we can do likewise. You may have seen a singer called Nightbirde on social media recently. After winning a Golden Buzzer (Google it!) from Simon Cowell, she said, "You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy" and that rings so true. We can be happy in the midst of the storm when we know the One who is greater than the storm, the One in whom there is abundant life.
What stops us from being happy? A discontentedness about the way things are, the opposite to what Paul talks about. If there's nothing we can do about our circumstances then we may as well decide to be happy anyway or we'll never be happy. If there is something we can do, we can ask God to help and give us wisdom, favour, direction and courage in it. Our happiness doesn't depend upon external things, it depends on being at peace with God in all circumstances and, actually, it's our choice.

Written By: Marianne Needham-Bennett

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