Don't Throw Porridge At The Gloom!
Whatever life is throwing at you today make sure you fight it with the right weapon
Photograph By: Melissa Belanger

Doom and Gloom! Is that what life's throwing at you today?!

Hopefully, it's not as bad as that but as Lockdown continues it's easy to believe the bad stuff as it feels so real and to slip into despondency. The thing is, of course, to fight it, but what with? We can throw as much 'Porridge', that is any man made and inappropriate thing or practice, as we like back at the gloom and it will make no difference whatsoever. That's because the battle is not physical, the battle is spiritual.

Any kind of 'Porridge' is a completely pointless weapon against the enemy of 'Gloom'. The only weapon with which we can fight effectively is the truth of God's Word. It's only the truth that, when it confronts and hits the lies of the enemy, will smash, break and destroy them. We must hold onto the truth of God's words, because as Jesus said, "You will know the truth and the truth will set you free". (John 8:32).

God's truth is a powerful weapon when yielded in the face of the enemy, and that powerful weapon is in us! Satan's lies try to short circuit the Holy Spirit's ability to bring truth, freedom, reassurance and victory in our lives. We must engage in the battle, align ourselves with the Victor, speak words of life, hope, strength, acceptance, security over our lives, and drown out the enemy's lies. So, draw up a list of Bible verses for yourself to repeat and declare out loud whenever necessary, and destroy the gloom!

Written By: Marianne NB

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