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Christian Easter Cards And Gifts | Religious Easter Cards And Gifts

At Easter time we recall the selfless act of love committed by Jesus Christ as He gave His life for us all on the cross. He asked for the cup to be taken from Him, but also that not His will but God's will be done. He gave up His life for us. It is a time of reflection as we think about how grateful we are that He chose to die for our sins.

However, it is also a time of great celebration because death could not hold Jesus and He rose again and went to be with God, His Father, in heaven. From there today He rules and reigns with God our heavenly Father and intercedes for us. We know that one day He will come again to rule and reign and live with us on a new earth, and all that God created will come into fulfilment.

Celebrate Easter this year in your heart and with others, remembering Christ's selfless act of love and that God loves His people and gives life to all things that He has created. His love and power never end!

Painted Easter Egg Box

Painted Easter Egg Box



Painted Floral Wall Cross

Painted Floral Wall Cross



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